Overwhelmed …

Last week I sent an email telling everyone about the terrible food situation in the villages where we work in Haiti. The problems with the civil unrest and the coronavirus have been compounded by the lack of rain for the crops.
I asked for funds to purchase and distribute food to people who are hungry. We normally conduct a food distribution for $3,000. So, I was hoping we would receive $6,000 to $7,000 for a strong distribution in both Thoman and Galette Chambon. Boy, was I wrong!
As of this morning, $75,812 has been given for food in Haiti! In additon, we are aware of more that is coming in the mail today and tomorrow that should push the total to $80,000. Isn’t that amazing?!? We are simply overwhelmed with the love and generosity of God’s people. Around 150 people have given selflessly to help hurting and hungry people. God is so good and His people are so kind!

The Plan

As promised, we will spend every penny of these donated funds on food for hungry people in Haiti, and we want you to know the plan. The plan involves dividing most of the funds evenly between Thoman and Galette Chambon (a few people specified which village they prefer and we will certainly honor that request).


I have been working with Pastor Mathurin in Thoman to devise the plan for food distribution in that area. We have learned that food shortages are especially bad in the more remote villages. They are farther away from the markets that are still open. Thus, they rely on their crops more than anyone. When it doesn’t rain, they are more vulnerable than others. We are going to make distributions to the following villages:
  • Thoman
  • Mathias
  • Bwa Polite
  • Dubwa
  • Malafie
  • Maingrette
  • Les Roches
  • Nantach
  • Fondimanch
  • Nanplenn
We anticipate several thousand people will receive food, and we plan on making distributions starting next week.

Galette Chambon

I have been working with Mickie West to determine the best plan for food distribution in Galette Chambon. Mickie has been speaking with Vladimir to formulate the plan. We are asking pastors that we know in 6 communities within Galette Chambon to come to the Hope Center and provide a list of families in their communities. This will include the 40 families living on the hill next to the Hope Center.
The food will be purchased from a wholesale food company that already delivers to our schools each month in Galette Chambon. We will order rice, beans, and oil for each family. We are asking this company, with whom we have a great relationship, to also deliver to Thoman. Fortunately, we are able to wire the funds directly from our bank to their bank in Haiti.

Thank You

I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and generosity during this difficult time for our dear friends in Haiti. Your response to this need has simply blown us away and left us amazed at God’s goodness and your kindness.
As always, we will be posting photos of the food distributions on the BGM Facebook page and I will share photos on my Facebook page and in these email updates.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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