BGM Haiti is about building communities that are economically sustainable by the Haitian people. We are developing communities where people have the means, opportunity, and training to provide for their own families. This environment lays the groundwork for a viable economy where jobs and services are created and where individuals are trained for these jobs. Since we began work there, the economic impact in our region has been substantial. We are continuing to develop educational processes and new businesses that provide jobs and work for the people in Haiti.


Economic Impact With But God Ministries

BGM has purchased many goods and services in Haiti and hired and trained many workers. We currently have 186 full-time Haitian employees, all of whom have direct deposit payroll accounts at a Haitian lending institution. We, also, temporarily employ 100’s of thousands others and have weekly markets at both Hope Center locations where Haitians sell souvenirs to visiting mission teams.

Economic Development

From the beginning of our work in Haiti, we assisted in the development of Haitian owned and operated construction companies, and we have established long-term partnerships with these companies and their owners. They buy all of their materials in Haiti and employ many Haitians. We have constructed 280 homes, two churches, clinics, an orphanage and dorms for visiting teams.

In addition, we assisted in the opening of a small restaurant and store next to the Hope Center in Galette Chambon where meals and drinks are sold. In 2015, we improved this business by building a new building on the same site.

BGM often partners with team members to teach basic business and entrepreneur skills. We built a Business Development Center to serve place to develop and launch businesses that support BGM’s sustainability model for community development.

We have facilitated the development of new Haitian-led businesses such as:

• The Community Garden – BGM provides the
land and irrigation, and we share the revenue with the Haitians that produce and sell
• Waka Waka – Motorcycle and Bicycle parts store
• NRH Koud – Textile and Sewing Manufacturer
• Public Water Utility – Services 47 houses in Galette Chambon
• Galette Chambon Business Services – Provides copy, print, cell, laminating, and computer services

BGM is laying the foundation for the successful creation of many new Haitian-led businesses in the future.

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