Churches, families, organizations, and other groups are invited to be part of But God Ministries by sending a team to work in Jonestown, Mississippi. Mission trips are scheduled during the summer months for Saturday to Friday. During all other months, there are two options: Friday to Sunday and Monday to Friday. A team can plan a multi-purpose trip or focus on only one task.

When planning a trip please keep in mind the 7 SPHERES of But God Ministries.

S – Spiritual  (Partnering with local churches, Bible studies for women and for men, Vacation Bible School or other Bible studies and activities for children, one-on-one discipleship, worship services, etc.)
P – Physical  (Medical and/or dental clinics)
H – H2O  (Jonestown has a new water system.)
E – Education  (Working with children in after-school programs, helping with homework, volunteering at the local elementary school, help with ongoing teacher training)
R – Roofs  (Construction of houses, cleaning lots, helping to beautify the town, etc.)
E – Economic  (Working with local business owners, helping others to start a business, etc.)
S – Soil  (Agriculture, gardens, etc.)

Depending on the team, there could be construction work, medical work, dental work, agricultural work, work with local children, evangelism, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School activities for children, sports activities such as basketball, and other work. There is a place for everyone regardless of his/her skills.

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