Center for Economic Development: Business Incubator

Fundamental Steps to Starting a Small Business Conference


Center for Economic Development Business Incubator (CEDbi)

Business Incubator offers the following:

  • Flexible workspace
  • Warehouse space
  • Loading dock with forklift access
  • Permanent office space
  • State-of-the-art Conference Room
  • Mail and shipping address
  • Black and White/Color Copiers
  • Secured Key Card Access
  • Virtual membership
  • Business mentoring
  • Technology support
  • Support Groups
  • Networking
  • Business workshops and seminars

The purpose of this project is to rebuild Jonestown’s economy by developing businesses and creating jobs in the community. CEDbi is a 4,000 square-foot building located in Jonestown. CEDbi is designed to help new start-up businesses succeed and create jobs for the community of Jonestown.

CEDbi’s goal is to have 4-5 operating businesses housed in our facilities.  In addition multiple virtual members that will be micro businesses or developing businesses.  If you interested in Membership and becoming a part of our Business Incubator program contact Bennie Brown at

CEDbi Grant Process

CEDbi is a business incubator committed to supporting the creation of jobs and new business based in the Mississippi Delta. In addition to support services that foster these creative processes, CEDbi offers matching and in-kind grant(s) to new startups or rapidly growing businesses looking for scaling support and infrastructure. If you have interest in learning more or applying for a possible matching grant, click the button below to apply! These grants CANNOT be used for salaries and must be used for capital expansion in the form of equipment or services needed to expand and scale the business. 

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