Churches, families, organizations, and other groups are invited to be part of But God Ministries by sending a team to work in Jonestown, Mississippi. Mission trips are scheduled during the summer months for Saturday to Friday. During all other months, there are two options: Friday to Sunday and Monday to Friday. A team can plan a multi-purpose trip or focus on only one task.

Depending on the team, there could be construction work, medical work, dental work, agricultural work, work with local children, evangelism, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School activities for children, sports activities such as basketball, and other work. There is a place for everyone regardless of his/her skills.

When planning a trip please keep in mind the 7 SPHERES of But God Ministries.

S – Spiritual  (Partnering with local churches, Bible studies for women and for men, Vacation Bible School or other Bible studies and activities for children, one-on-one discipleship, worship services, etc.)
P – Physical  (Medical and/or dental clinics)
H – H2O  (Jonestown has a new water system.)
E – Education  (Working with children in after-school programs, helping with homework, volunteering at the local elementary school, help with ongoing teacher training)
R – Roofs  (Construction of houses, cleaning lots, helping to beautify the town, etc.)
E – Economic  (Working with local business owners, helping others to start a business, etc.)
S – Soil  (Agriculture, gardens, etc.)

For the 6 night summer trips, teams must arrive no earlier than Saturday and leave no later than Friday. For the 4 night weekday trip (approximately mid August until mid May), teams must arrive no earlier than Monday and leave no later than Friday.  For the 2 night weekend trip, teams must arrive no earlier than Friday and leave no later than Sunday.  The minimum stay on a weekend trip is two nights.  Click on the MS Delta Trip Calendar for available trip dates.  For scheduling possibilities outside of these trip dates, please call BGM at 601-983-1179


  1. Transportation: Each group is responsible for transportation to and from Jonestown, MS and any other locations during the week.
  2. Nightly Fee: For the 6 night summer trips, BGM requires a $420 fee from each participant. The summer trips must be 4 days minimum with a minimum team size of 20.  For the 4 night weekday trip (approximately mid August until mid May) we will require a $280 fee and for the 2 night weekend trip, a $140 fee.  This fee covers lodging, lunch and dinner each day, and coordination of your team’s ministry activities during the week. Special family rates apply to 3 or more immediate family members (parents, brothers, and sisters) in the same household.
    • First two family members = full price
    • Third = 25% off
    • Fourth = 50% off
    • Fifth and above = 75% off
  3. Additional Expenses: We recommend taking up to $100 for drinks, snacks, and souvenirs at the local stores.  Other extra money you will need will depend on the activity you choose for the nights out – Consult your team leader.
  4. Number of Team Members: The Hope Center in Jonestown has housing for 40 team members.

Team Members Under the Age of 18

    • Minimum age to participate is 6.
    • Children ages 6-12 must be accompanied by a parent.
    • Minors ages 13-17 unaccompanied by their parents must be a part of a 4 to 1 ratio of teens to adults.

How to Schedule

  1. Select a Date. Go to “MS Delta Trip Calendar.”  Choose an OPEN time.
  2. Submit a MS Delta Team Initial Registration Form to reserve the week.
  3. Send a Deposit.  Make a nonrefundable $500 deposit to secure the date you have selected. Make your check payable to But God Ministries and mail it to: 118 Homestead Drive, Suite D, Madison, MS 39110.  When we receive your deposit and submitted Team Initial Registration Form, your date is secured and your deposit will be credited to your group’s account.

Plan your ministry

The type of ministry your team does in Jonestown is defined by the skills and interests of your team members as well as the needs of the community. Call 601-983-1179 or email Annette Hall, mission team coordinator, to discuss the top needs and areas of service in Jonestown. The BGM staff will work together with you to plan your team’s ministry.

Meet But God Ministries Deadlines

  1. At least 120 days before the trip, send a $50 per participant deposit to secure your team’s spots.
  2. At least 60 days before the trip, submit all required forms on this page.
  3. At least 60 days before the trip, send full payment of fees minus your $500 deposit plus $50/participant deposit to But God Ministries, 118 Homestead Drive, Suite D, Madison, MS 39110.
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