The Life Center

At the heart of downtown Jonestown is the the Life Center, a wonderful resource center for community needs. From this newly renovated building, our Life Center Coordinator schedules dental appointments and promotes upcoming community events. Residents can attend legal clinics (in partnership with Ole Miss School of Law) and financial planning consultations. They also have the opportunity to enroll and complete a High School Diploma Program.


BGM Life Center

Inside the Life Center

The Dental Clinic

We obtained a mobile dental clinic unit and began seeing patients in late 2018. Many dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants volunteer to serve throughout the year. The clinic is open every Friday of the month when we have volunteers or during the week if mission teams have appropriate volunteers.


Inside the Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Volunteers

The Health Clinic

Although this clinic was built in 1962, it has not been used as a place to meet healthcare needs for many years.  We recently completed renovations and have been working with different providers, agencies, and organizations to ensure we address some of the community’s greatest healthcare needs in the most effective way possible. We are working on a plan to open the clinic soon.


Health Clinic

Clinic Reception Office

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