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Tony West, our long-time missionary in Haiti, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is having extensive surgery on February 24 in Flowood, MS, a suburb of Jackson.
The good news is that bone scans and body scans have come back negative, indicating that the cancer has not spread.
Tony and his wife, Mickie, would very much like to have the prayer support of the BGM family. As Tony shared with me this morning, “I cannot imagine going through something like this and not having a family of faith.”

Tony and Mickie West

Missionaries in Haiti

Tony and Mickie moved to Haiti as missionaries with BGM in August of 2012. They have served faithfully over the years as our Community Managers. Tony, a Nurse Practitioner, has given leadership to our medical work and has overseen the expansion of facilities and services offered by BGM, including our own lab.

One of over 500 babies delivered at the
Galette Chambon Hope Center under Tony’s leadership

A familiar scene: Tony praying with patients at the clinic

One of the thousands upon thousands
of suffering patents treated by Tony at the clinic

A Quick Note

In addition to prayers, an encouraging word from members of the BGM family would mean a great deal to Tony and Mickie. Tony’s email address is Mickie’s email address is
Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers for our missionaries and our work in Haiti and the Mississippi Delta for all these years. As part of the BGM family, you have meant all the world to us and your support for Tony and Mickie during this time will be another great blessing.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does in Tony’s Life,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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