AUGUST 1, 2013

Since my last email on July 9, we have had two wonderful teams working in Haiti. The first team was a medical team of people from First Baptist Jackson, MS and First Baptist Starkville, MS that included two OB-GYN’s. We conducted our first ever women’s clinic. They saw hundreds of women and did a super job.

Last week I traveled to Haiti with the second team that was from First Baptist Church, Brandon, MS. We had an awesome week. We saw over 500 patients in the medical clinic, over 300 children in VBS, and built a house for those still living in tents.

Team from FBC Brandon, MS.

Let the Little Children Come
Vacation Bible School was held Monday-Thursday at The Hope Center. We had games (Duck, Duck, Goose was a HUGE hit), songs, Bible stories, and crafts. Last Friday we took VBS on the road as we traveled to a remote village at the base of the mountains.

Great fun playing Duck, Duck, Goose!!!

Kent Banks sharing the Good News of Jesus

Over 100 children attended VBS on Friday in the remote village

Craig Slay helping make salvation bracelets

Many Patients at the Clinic
Between the women’s clinic two weeks ago and the general clinic last week, we saw nearly 1,000 patients.

90 year old lady who had ridden to the clinic on a horse.
Nurse Karen Haynes and Dale Banks took good care of her.

3 week old baby receiving care at our clinic

Dr. Jake Brown, OB-GYN from Starkville, MS and wife,
Ashley, treating a patient

Kendall was great with the children who came to the clinic

Pat Stinson and translator explaining how to use the medicine

Me visiting with two patients

Sharing the Gospel
Every person who came to the medical clinic heard the gospel. We mainly used the Bridge illustration as a tool for sharing the Good News.

Brian Ball sharing the gospel

Building a House
The medical clinic took place morning and afternoon every day last week. VBS was held each afternoon. Those on the VBS team built a house during the morning hours.

Hunter Ball (maroon shirt) and others beginning work on the house

Walls coming up

Walls completed, roof almost done

Update on Orphanage
Construction on the 4 buildings that will make up the orphanage begins August 13 and should be completed the first part of October. First Baptist Pensacola and Hillcrest Baptist of Pensacola are the two churches responsible for building and maintaining this orphanage. They have been working hard and I am so proud of their efforts!

Update on Scholarships
Last month I mentioned that it costs only $25 per year for tuition in the village just above The Hope Center. I am thrilled to report that many of you responded to this information and we now have scholarships for 73 children!!! Way to go!!

Work, Dignity, and Income
This past week I looked around and realized the significant number of people who were employed as a result of this work to which God has called us. There were 4 translators working in the clinic and 4 working at VBS (last week only). There was a Haitian doctor we had hired for the week. There were our three full-time guys as well as our full-time cook and her two helpers. There were two full-time security guards and two locals who were hired for the week to help with crowd control at the clinic. In addition, there were about 7 young men making block every day (hired by Thirst No More, which does our construction), another man digging holes for the bathrooms, a full-time construction supervisor (Thirst No More), and 4 or 5 Haitian construction workers (Thirst No More). In addition, there was a family outside The Hope Center that had set up their store and was selling cold drinks to our team and meals to the locals. Finally, 12 ladies came to The Hope Center on Friday and sold their paintings and clay figures as souvenirs to our team.

Before working at our place, these people had no jobs; not because they were lazy, there were simply no jobs to have. Now they have the dignity of work and the ability to help support their families. What a great blessing from God!

From a Tent to a House
Last Wednesday part of our team traveled to a tent city in Port-au-Prince and brought back some of the people who will be moving into our houses over the next month or two. While we cannot continuously feed the families who move into the houses, we have determined that we need to help them as they get started. So, we will provide rice and beans and oil for one month to each family that moves in. It only costs $70 to feed rice and beans to a family of 5 for one month. If you would like to help feed one of the 11 families who will be moving in over the next month or two, please click HERE to give online or mail a donation to: But God Ministries, 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39402.

Some of the people moving from a tent to a real house

Little Feet
A remarkable group of young ladies at First Baptist Church Jackson, MS are holding the first ever consignment sale with all proceeds going to a missions organization. I am thrilled to report they have chosen But God Ministries as this year’s recipient.

The sale will be August 17-18 at the Christian Life Center of FBC Jackson. Already, they have over 3,000 items that will be sold!

A person can participate by shopping, consigning, or volunteering. Consignor details include: easy on-line item entry, express drop off, bar codes with the ability to watch your sales add up online, and consignors receiving 70% of sales revenue.

Click HERE to learn more about this incredible event, email questions to, or contact Mallory Rosamond at 601-949-1940.

We are taking a GIANT step forward this week as our nurse and his family (Tony and Mickie West) are moving to Haiti to live at The Hope Center full-time. Please pray for the West family as they make this transition.We are absolutely thrilled that they will be there to host all of our mission teams, provide ongoing medical care, and have a full-time presence on the ground.

The blessings of God continue to be poured out on this work in very real and tangible ways. If you believe in the work we are doing and if you trust us to use your donation wisely, we would welcome your contribution. It takes significant resources to accomplish all that is being done. We would love for you to become a monthly contributor ($25, $50. $100, or any amount you choose) or to give a one-time gift. ,/p>Click Here to give online or simply mail your gift to: But God Ministries, 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39202. May God bless you greatly as you continue to serve Him.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries

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