So Many Good Things Happening…

There are so many good things happening right now through BGM that it’s hard to keep up with everything that is taking place. God continues to provide opportunities for us to share the love of Jesus Christ in the communities where we work in Haiti and the Mississippi Delta. This report is just a small fraction of all the amazing things that are taking place in the world of BGM.

Taking Care of Teeth

Dental care is extremely important for a person’s overall health. This week in Galette Chambon, Haiti, we have hosted three dentists and their staffs from Port-au-Prince at our medical clinic. They have seen hundreds of patients. In fact, the demand for services has been more than we imagined.

Large numbers of people have gathered every morning this week to receive much-needed dental care.


We treated three patients at a time for dental care in our clinic.


Many of our BGM supporters will recognize these sweet ladies. They are Marie and St. Virge. For many years, they have served as cooks for our mission teams who visit the Hope Center. With COVID and the civil unrest, we have not had teams in Haiti for over two years. However, with the large dental team working at the Hope Center clinic this week, we were able to employ them once again. What a blessing for everyone!


Food for the Hungry

Many people in Haiti are facing severe food shortages. The problem with the gangs has resulted in the inability of trucks to get food to the local markets. As a result, the people are having a more difficult time than usual getting access to food.
Thanks to the generosity of a church in Arkansas and a number of other Christians, we were able to host a food distribution in Thoman for 280 families! Those 280 families represent well over 1,000 people who will have food in their bellies for several months.

More Houses in Haiti

In my last email update, I shared about three families that had recently received new houses in Haiti. I am thrilled to report that we are currently building four more houses!
This is the Marcelus family and they have been in need of a better house for a very long time. They have been living in this stick and tin structure for years. They all sleep on a dirt floor, and when it rains, everything they own gets wet. Their four children all go to one of our schools and are all sponsored. Praise God! The family is so thankful for the ways God has blessed their family through BGM and they are THRILLED now to find out that God has moved someone to donate funds to build them a house! God has made a way for all four of their children to receive a good education, a hot meal every day, and now a new home! Praise God for the many ways He continues to provide better lives for families in the Galette Chambon village in Haiti!
This is the Norvil family. Four years ago, their house burned, and someone working through BGM generously offered to help them repair the roof so they could continue living in their house. But now, two families are living in this one decaying, dirt house. The conditions are horrible, but they have never complained. Now someone has given funds for the family to receive a new house! The Norvil family has five children in BGM schools, and all are sponsored. What a blessing it is that this family has received education and now housing through God’s provision!
This is Mr. Olivier. He has two children and the house they have been living in has old, rusted tin on the roof that has holes in it. The walls are crumbling, and the holes have been patched with old clothing. They have been praying for God to provide them a house for six years now. They are beyond thrilled that He has heard their prayers.
This is the home of the Poula family. The mom and her 5 children have been living with their grandmother for the last 3 years since her husband died. There are three families living in this one small, tin house and the mother-in-law has asked them to move out. Now, thanks to the generosity of a BGM donor, they will have a house of their own. Three of the Poula children go to our BGM schools. They are praising God for the ways He has used BGM to bless their family.

Sponsor Gift Boxes

Recently, there was a break in the street danger, so Meresse, our driver in Galette Chambon, was able to get to the MFI (Missionary Flights International) mailroom in Port-au-Prince for the first time in several months. He found many sponsor gifts there! Joel had a really fun week of giving out gifts to some pretty happy sponsor kids! Sponsors, if you’ve sent a gift in the last few months, look for your kids on Mickie West’s Facebook page where she has posted lots of photos of children receiving their boxes.

What a beautiful smile!


Mission Trips to the Delta

Have you always wanted to go on a mission trip but have never had the right opportunity? Maybe you don’t have a passport. Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable traveling overseas. Maybe you feel you cannot afford an international trip at this time.
We have a solution for you! You can take a mission trip right here in the United States. You don’t need a passport. You may be able to drive there instead of flying. The cost will be much less than an overseas trip.
We have a number of spots open for mission trips to the Mississippi Delta. You could organize a trip with your family and friends. You could go with a group from your church. Click HERE to see open dates for this year. Click HERE to see our Frequently Asked Questions about the nature of our mission trips to the Mississippi Delta. If you want to talk further about the possibility of a mission trip, please call our Trip Coordinator, Annette Hall, at 601-983-1179, Monday through Thursday.

Several weeks ago, we had some visitors from Mississippi Delta Community College at our Montessori School. They taught our students the importance of brushing and flossing to prevent cavities.

Last month, we had a mission team from Broadmoor Baptist Church serving with us in Jonestown, MS to kick off Spring Break. This team did some landscaping at the Life Center and built a deck on one of the houses.

The Broadmoor team building a deck on a house in Jonestown.

The Broadmoor team doing some landscaping to help beautify the town.

Also in March, we had the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing come to Jonestown, MS and Friars Point, MS. They hosted a Community Health Fair that featured health stations, child nutrition, oral care, and healthy hygiene.


As you know, all of this work takes a great deal of resources. If you are in a position to give, you can give a gift online HERE or send a check to: But God Ministries, 118 Homestead Drive, Suite D, Madison, MS, 39110.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley

Executive Director

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