First House in Jonestown…

I am thrilled to report that we have started construction on our first house in the Mississippi Delta. Once again, Randy Cress is providing overall leadership to the building process.
Unlike our work in Haiti, we do not give away houses here in the States. We do provide some financial assistance, and we also connect prospective home owners with a nearby bank to provide mortgage funding. In addition, we are able to build houses at a reduced cost.

Mike and Jann Kenney and me!

I had the privilege of visiting with Mike and Jann Kenney yesterday in Jonestown. The Kenneys are doing the plumbing work for the first house. This couple has spent more time serving the Lord than almost anyone I know. They spent months in Haiti doing all the plumbing for both of our Hope Centers and many, many weeks in Jonestown installing the plumbing for our Hope Center there. Now, they are helping make the reality of our first house in Jonestown come true. Way to go, Mike and Jann!

Laying out the plumbing for the first house

Jobs in the Delta

Our Center for Economic Development and business incubator (CEDbi) is helping provide jobs in Jonestown, MS. This month’s edition of Mississippi Christian Living magazine published an article about our economic development work there. I love the interview with Alice Jefferson, a Jonestown resident who now has a job at The Galmore Group which is headquartered in our CEDbi. Here is an excerpt from the article:
When asked what her job and the business incubator partnership mean to her, she says, “It’s good for me because I’m right here in Jonestown, and I’m grateful for the love we have there. We don’t have any problems. Everything is just fun working — no stress, no nothing.
“You have that smile every morning you go in — it never stops since I’ve been working there.”
Alice also appreciates the spiritual component of CEDbi.
“It’s fun, the prayer. If you need someone to be there for you, see Rev. Brown,” she says about pastor and CEDbi Director Bennie Brown. “He is that person that will listen as you explain things to him, and you know he will give you his thoughts about it.”
Alice has never worked at a place like The Galmore Group before. Because of BGM and their obedience to Christ in establishing CEDbi, Alice’s and many others’ lives have been changed.
Click HERE to read the entire article. It’s really good!

That’s me on the left, Bennie Brown on the right, and members of The Galmore Group in the middle.

Earthquake Relief
I am so proud of our BGM Mobile Medical Team. The team consists of a doctor, nurse, and two helpers – all Haitians. Two weeks ago, they went to the region where the earthquake struck. Here is our doctor’s report from the first week:
  • Treated 523 patients
  • 60% female/40% male
  • 70% adult/30% children
  • 80% of females had vaginal infections
  • Most common diseases were tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp) and/or corporis (ringworm of the body), followed by scabies
  • Gastritis is frequent
  • Chronic diseases are HTA (hypertension), diabetes, and asthma
  • Treated many people with wound care
  • Visited numerous patients who could not walk to the clinic
The medical team was exhausted after a week. They returned to their homes and will be traveling back to that area next week. The needs are so great that we are adding an additional doctor when our medical team returns to Les Cayes next week.
In addition, Jacques, our builder, distributed food, water, and other essentials. He also assessed the construction situation and will begin building three houses next week when he returns to the Les Cayes area with our medical team.

Damage from the earthquake

More damage from the earthquake

Our wonderful Mobile Medical Team

Large numbers of people lined up for medical care

Preparing the medicine for a patient

Lining up supplies for wound care

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

It was two years ago that we opened our brand new elementary school in Galette Chambon with 250 students and a full teaching, administration, and support staff. That was a great day. Today, that school holds K1-12th grade AND a professional school! God is so good!!!

Construction of the new elementary school just two years ago in Galette Chambon

These beautiful tables were made by our dear friend and community pastor, Sainmete! These are for our new kindergarten classrooms in Galette Chambon. In a few short weeks, these tables will be filled with sweet children who are eager to learn. Please join us in praying for them and thanking God for amazing men of example like Pastor Sainmete. He leads our devotional and praise time in the clinic, pastors a village church, and teaches all of our Bible classes in our schools. On the side, he is an AMAZING carpenter! We are so blessed to have him on the BGM team.

It’s a bit blurry, but this is a photo of Pastor Sainmete

This week, we are finishing the final two classrooms needed at our school in Thoman, Haiti. We’ve been adding a grade every year for many years. This year we are adding the final grade! We were out of space, so we built the classrooms on top of the computer lab. The stairs are on the other side of the building.

Deadline – Football Tickets

Tonight, September 9 at 7:00, the auction for our football tickets will close. We’ve got:
Alabama at Mississippi State
Kentucky at Mississippi State
Tulane at Ole Miss
These tickets are part of our silent auction. The rest of the auction has been pushed back to November when we have our rescheduled 10th Anniversary Celebration, but these tickets are available for bid right now!
Click HERE to log in and make a bid.

Change of Address

Our main office has moved from Ridgeland, MS to Madison, MS. Our new address is:
But God Ministries
118 Homestead Drive
Suite D
Madison, MS 39110
Please make a note of this change of address, especially if you plan on mailing items to us.


As you know, all of this work takes a great deal of resources. If you are in a position to give, you can give a gift online HERE or send a check to: But God Ministries, 118 Homestead Drive, Suite D, Madison, MS, 39110.
In addition, I ask for your prayers for wisdom and energy for our Haitian staff, our Delta staff, our American staff in Haiti and the U.S., and our Board of Directors.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley

Executive Director

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