Save the Date…

Can you believe it? This year is the 10 year anniversary of BGM. We came into existence on September 19, 2011. God has done far more than we could have asked or imagined these last 10 years. Countless lives have been touched, and we’re going to celebrate!

WHAT: 10 year anniversary event

WHEN: September 16, 2021

WHERE: First Baptist Church, Madison, MS

WHO: All who have been part of BGM

HOW: We’re going to premiere a brand new documentary movie that tells the miraculous story of BGM. Mark Rich is producing the documentary, and it’s going to be great! We’ll have food, booths, an auction, and much more.

Also, we’ll have many of our Haitian friends in attendance including Pastor Mathurin, Vladimir, and Jacques, all of whom have been with us from the beginning.

We hope to have our current and former missionaries there including Tony and Mickie West, Kathy Warren, Rachel Charpie, Meredith Billings, Katie Ethridge Summers, Nash and Emily Barber, Abby Winstead, and Kelly Sayle Morgan.

Our friends from Pensacola who started and support the orphanage will be invited.

Our team from the Mississippi Delta will be in attendance including Bennie Brown, Linda McGrew, Amber Gray, and Lady Jackson.

In addition, we hope to have friends from around the country who have been to Haiti and the Mississippi Delta with us, who have supported BGM with prayers and finances, or who are simply interested in our work.

Most of all, we hope you will be there as we celebrate all that God and his people have done to share the love of Jesus Christ through building sustainable communities around the world.

More information to come, but for now, SAVE THE DATE!

New Life

A couple of weeks ago, the church in Thoman had a baptismal service. Melanie Blanton of Petal, MS was there and gave this report:

“Nine were baptized around 6:00 am. It was very cold, but they were ready! A group of 4 or 5 guys went down to the river about 4:30 AM to prepare a place for them to be baptized. They had to dam up an area of flowing water to make it deep enough for them to use. They sang songs at the beginning, quoted scripture, and prayed. Then each person was baptized and helped out of the water. They all grouped up at the end and prayed together.”

Assistant Pastor Joel and Pastor Mathurin reading scripture prior to the baptisms

Pastor Maturin praying and welcoming the new believers into the water

One of the new Christians being baptized

Mobile Medical Update

In my last update, I shared about our amazing new Mobile Medical Unit that travels through the mountains of Thoman sharing medical care and the love of Christ. Our full-time Haitian doctor, nurse, and team leader are doing a great job. In fact, I received an update from Nate Grabill about last week’s visits:

  • We treated 140 patients this week
  • Patients numbers: Lastik village (57), Dubois village (29), Fondimanche village (34), and Simone village (20)
  • Diseases: Gastritis (25), scabies (14)
  • Malnutrition: 6 children need nutritional support

It takes a long time to drive the 4-wheel ATV vehicle to each village high in the mountains. Then, the team must unpack the supplies, set up for the clinic, treat the patients, pack all the supplies, and drive back to the Hope Center.

Doctor Rose and Nurse Barbara setting up in one of the villages

Wesley, Pastor Mathurin’s son, informing the ladies about the mobile clinic that had come to their village and also sharing the hope of the gospel

More Houses

We continue building houses in Haiti. Last week, Mickie West shared the good news about the couple from Galette Chambon in the photo below.

“Pictured here is a couple standing in front of the dilapidated mud house that they have been living in for many years. You can see where the rain and winds have washed out the dirt between the sticks that frame their house. When those rains come down, everything they own becomes wet and muddy inside. They are not able to safely store food or clothing inside because rats come in through the holes in the walls and chew holes in the vessels that hold their food and in their clothing. It’s such a sad, sad situation to live in…..BUT GOD. God has heard their prayers and is answering them with a brand new secure, concrete house! God recently moved someone to donate funds for a house and our leadership committee in Galette Chambon has identified this couple’s great need. We praise the Lord for His great provision and for moving in the lives of so many. It is truly a miracle to behold.”

Their new house is being built right now!

We are also building houses in Thoman, Haiti and even the remote village of Matthias where the materials (blocks, sand, concrete, water) must be carried to the work site by hand.

The family living in this house in Mathias will soon be moving into a brand new house. The parents are farmers. They have 6 children. Five of the children are sponsored in our schools and the baby is not yet in school. Our holistic approach is paying off as the children receive an education and the family gets a house.

This family in Thoman is getting a house this week. Currently, all 8 of them live in one room. There are 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. The husband is a farmer, and the wife is a street vendor. Four of their children go to our school, but only one has a sponsor! They try to pay for the other 3, but it’s an enormous challenge.

Mission Trips

Many people have asked when we are going to resume mission trips. I have great news! We are once again scheduling mission trips to the Mississippi Delta. We are limiting each trip to a maximum of 20 people, and we have a few other COVID restrictions. Click HERE to see what dates are available.

Regarding Haiti, we have not yet resumed mission trips. There are new rules from the U.S. government requiring a negative COVID test prior to boarding a plane that is flying to the States. It would be very difficult in Haiti to get a COVID test for one person, much less an entire team.

Best Way to Help

One of the best ways to help is by joining our Givers of Hope. The Givers of Hope is a giving club within BGM in which people give the same amount each month. They give anywhere from $5 to $200 monthly.

It’s easy to sign up. Just click HERE. Also, for more information about the Givers of Hope, click HERE.

Finally, I ask for your prayers for wisdom and energy for our Haitian staff, our Delta staff, our American staff in Haiti and the U.S., and our Board of Directors.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,


Stan Buckley

Executive Director
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