Great Year So Far…

This has been an unusual year. However, even with all the craziness of 2020, we are having another great year at BGM. An amazing amount of ministry is taking place where we work.

In Haiti, we have:

  • Built 23 new houses
  • Reopened both clinics, treating hundreds of patients each week
  • Reopened all five of our schools, educating and feeding 1,600 children daily
  • Reopened both churches which are meeting weekly
  • Built a large cafetorium at our school in Thoman
  • Built two new classrooms and playground space at our school in Galette Chambon
  • Conducted food distributions for thousands of people when food became scarce due to drought, civil unrest, and COVID-19
  • Continued to employ 120 people through our clinics, Hope Centers, and schools

In Mississippi, we have:

  • Built a new 4,000 sq. ft. Economic Development Center
  • Helped a young woman create and incorporate her own business and be financially successful
  • Completed over $70,000 in repairs on our Montessori school after a storm blew a large tree onto the building
  • Reopened our Montessori school after making major adjustments for COVID-19
  • Started a new after-school program for children
  • Held a virtual VBS for 60 children through a foundation associated with Chick-fil-A
  • Reopened our dental clinic and provided dentures for 16 patients
  • Helped a local resident acquire clear title to land so we can start building the first house in Jonestown

We thank God and all our volunteers and supporters for working hard to make this year so special. And now we have to ask what is next for BGM. Where do we go from here?

Fall Campaign

Every year in September or October we have what we call the Fall Campaign. We normally raise funds for important projects. In years past, we have raised funds for the Hope Center in Thoman, the Hope Center in the Mississippi Delta, and the cafetorium at one of our schools in Haiti.

This year, our Fall Campaign does not involve raising funds for a specific project. Instead, we want to introduce a new group within BGM, the Givers of Hope.

Givers of Hope

Two years ago, we launched a group called the Circle of Hope. This group consists of people who give $100 per month to BGM. We currently have approximately 120 people who are part of the Circle of Hope.

Since launching the Circle of Hope, we have come to realize there are many people who love our work, who have participated in our work in a number of ways, and who would love to continue supporting our work but are not in a position to contribute $100 each month. Therefore, we have created a new group called the Givers of Hope.

How It Works

The Givers of Hope group consists of people who give anywhere from $5 to $50 per month to support the work of BGM. These funds, along with funds from the Circle of Hope, are the engine that will propel us forward and enable us to expand both in Haiti and the Mississippi Delta. We cannot overstate the importance of the Givers of Hope group on the future of BGM.

While some people give to specific projects, a monthly gift through the Givers of Hope enables all the projects to take place. As I have said many times, as long as BGM remains healthy, all of the ministries in which we engage will continue to take place. We will continue to share the love of Christ, treat patients, build houses, educate children, create jobs, and provide access to healthy food.

We are currently a very healthy organization, and we want to remain that way. We believe the Givers of Hope group is a key means by which we will remain strong and effective.

How To Join

You can join the Givers of Hope in several ways:

  • You can register online HERE
    • Fill in the circle for the amount you want to give each month
    • Then, be sure and check the box that says, “MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING“. You will be directed to the next steps.
  • You can mail a check each month to:
    • But God Ministries
      404 Fontaine Place
      Suite 404
      Ridgeland, MS 39157
    • Please write “Givers of Hope” on the memo line

Options as listed on the BGM website


Thank you for your support over the years. Thank you for praying for our work in Haiti, our work in the Mississippi Delta, and for considering our new Givers of Hope group.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley

Executive Director

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