Tough Days in Haiti…

Most people are aware of the challenges taking place in Haiti. Due to many factors including government corruption and mismanagement, there have been weeks of demonstrations. Roads have been blocked, stores have been closed, schools have been shut down, and banks have been closed.
Ultimately, the poor people are the ones who suffer the most. Because the roads are often blocked, food cannot be easily delivered to the markets and the stores. In addition, the limited amount of city power has become even more limited so that communities which normally have some electricity have even less.

BGM’s Response

What is BGM doing light of these challenges? All of our American missionaries are back in the States. However, many of our ministries are continuing. All of our schools are still open. Children are still being taught and fed. Teachers, administrators, and cooks are still working. Our clinic in Thoman is still open and seeing patients. Our translators and clinic employees are still working.

On the other hand, our clinic in Galette Chambon is closed because our medical personnel who live near Port-au-Prince cannot make it safely to the clinic. In addition, we discharged our last patient at the Malnutrition Center and will wait until things settle down before admitting new patients.

BGM’s Future in Haiti

As we look ahead, what is the future of BGM’s ministry in Haiti? We don’t know everything that will happen in Haiti in the days ahead, but we do know that while the circumstances in Haiti have changed, the needs have not. People in Haiti still need the gospel. People in Haiti still have enormous physical needs.

It’s possible that we adjust the way we carry out our mission of sharing the love of Christ through building sustainable communities, but the work continues.

In the meantime, we continue our education and medical work. We continue reaching thousands of Haitians through those two ministries. And we wait. We pray. We communicate with our Haitian staff. We seek wise counsel, and we prepare for the day our missionaries return and it’s safe to send teams. Until that day, we do not feel rushed or hurried. We are not panicked in the least. We trust that God will show the way, remove the obstacles, and tell us when it’s time to resume the rest of our normal activities.

Also, we ask you to pray for peace and a way forward for the Haitian people. We ask you to pray for BGM and continue to give so that we can continue to provide ministries that are needed now more than ever.

Giving and Going – Mississippi Delta

It’s fall mission team season in Jonestown, and mission teams from around the state are blessing this community with their skills, abilities, and ideas. From restoring buildings for a good purpose to hosting community activities for families, their good work is positively impacting the lives of many people.

FBC Calvary from Tupelo renovated our BGM Hope Center storage space. This project is incredibly helpful to our ministry!

FBC Kosciusko, MS restoring the Fitness Center

The team enjoys pumpkin craft-making with others

FBC Summit, MS held a fun fall event for the community – where sack races are a must

And face painting!

God is doing incredible work through our mission teams – with more on the way. We are so thankful they chose to share God’s love with people in this community.

Now is a great time to schedule your 2020 trip to Jonestown. Check out the trip calendar on our website HERE, and call our office at 601-983-1179 for more information.

Fall Campaign Update

God has blessed tremendously with $103,821 toward our fall campaign goal of $125,000!

Thank you to all who have donated toward the Cafetorium and Mobile Medical Clinic projects as well as the funding needs created by cancelled team fees this year.

If you have not yet given, would you please consider a gift to help us reach our goal?

You can give online HERE or you can mail a check to:

But God Ministries
404 Fontaine Place, Suite 104
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Thank you for your participation in this Fall Campaign and for your prayers and support of our work in Haiti and the Miss. Delta.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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