Update on Civil Unrest in Haiti…

I have great news! One of our missionaries, the missionary at our orphanage, is returning to Haiti today. Tony and Mickie West, our missionaries in Galette Chambon, are returning to Haiti this Saturday.

Many people have asked how we determine when it is safe to send people back to Haiti following civil unrest. Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves:

  • What are our Haitian employees saying?
  • What are our missionaries on the ground saying?
  • What are we seeing on news reports and social media?
  • Are protests and demonstrations still occurring?
  • Are the roads blocked?
  • Are the schools open?
  • Are the markets open?
  • Are the banks open?
  • Would I, Stan, feel comfortable going?
  • Would I, Stan, feel comfortable sending my wife or daughter?

All of these questions must be answered satisfactorily before we will consider sending our missionaries or a mission team.

In addition, we must see a pattern of peace and safety following an outbreak of civil unrest. One day of peace is not a pattern. One week of peace is not a pattern. We must see many weeks of peace and safety before we consider sending our missionaries or a mission team. The safety of our teams will always be a top priority.

Currently, there have been many weeks of calmness in the areas through which we must pass when we leave the airport and travel to our locations in the countryside. In addition, our Haitian employees, who care for our safety, have told us that the situation has returned to normal.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily but as of today the parts of Haiti where we are involved have returned to normal. Also, the incredible work of sharing the love of Jesus Christ through building sustainable communities never stopped during the unrest and will now continue with our missionaries and our teams.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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