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Our work in Haiti and the Mississippi Delta is going great! We couldn’t be more thankful at how God continues to bless this work in so many amazing ways. Here are some of the wonderful things happening through BGM:
Latest Figures
  • 10 full-time missionaries
  • Countless Bible studies, VBS experiences, worship services, Bibles distributed
  • 2 full-time Haitian doctors, 1 part-time Haitian dentist
  • New lab at one of our Haitian clinics
  • Tens of thousands of patients treated at our two clinics in Haiti
  • 14 children living in the orphanage
  • Over 60 starving children plus their mothers treated at our In-Patient Malnutrition Center
  • Over 130 houses built in Haiti
  • 901 children sponsored at 4 schools in Haiti
  • 1,300 children fed daily at 4 schools in Haiti
  • 1,000 people on mission trips to Haiti and the Delta in 2018
  • Legal clinic started in the Delta with Ole Miss School of Law
  • Montessori School in the Delta (3-5 year olds)
  • Dental clinic in the Delta about to open
  • Housing plan developed for the Delta
  • Master plan developed for the Delta

Really Big News!

Each year at this time we have a Fall Campaign to fund certain aspects of our ministry. This year, we are seeking to raise funds for four key aspects of our work: (1) Malnutrition Center in Haiti for starving children, (2) school in the Mississippi Delta, (3) new truck in Haiti, and (4) the BGM general fund.

The great news is that three generous donors recently committed a total of $100,000 towards our goal of $300,000.

Malnutrition Center

Last year we began receiving our first little patients at our new In-Patient Malnutrition Center in Haiti. Children who are suffering from severe malnutrition receive round-the-clock medical care as they are slowly nursed back to good health. Since we opened the doors, over 60 precious children have received life-saving care from our team of 15 Haitian employees (nurses, nannies, cooks, and others).

Rachel Charpie, our Malnutrition Center Director, recently penned the following update: “One of my favorite stories is of a little boy named Guervens. He and his mom came to stay with us in April weighing just a little over 21lbs at 4 years old. Infection had taken over his body, and vitamin A deficiency due to malnutrition had caused his eyes to begin to deteriorate. He would constantly cry. He lost his left eye due to malnutrition, but he healed and blossomed into a lively, happy little boy. He left our care weighing around 35lbs. This is just one of many stories of lives changed at the malnutrition center. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

Watch this short video to see the incredible work happening at our Malnutrition Center in Haiti:

School in the Miss. Delta

Too many children in the Mississippi Delta receive an inadequate education and end up living lives that are well below their potential. We want all the children where we serve to have a fighting chance. One of the best ways to position children to have successful lives is through a quality education. I thank God for the education I was blessed to receive. I cannot imagine where I would be without it.

On August 13 of this year, we opened the doors for another year of education at the Jonestown Family Center (JFC). We recently acquired this 30 year old school that consists of a Toddler program, a Montessori (3-5 year olds), and a Fitness program. A group of Catholic nuns started and operated this school for many years. Last year they reached retirement age and moved back to the Pacific Northwest. We acquired the JFC in January of this year.

Currently, the Montessori can accommodate 24 children and the Toddler program can host 12. We want to expand this number to include every child in the Jonestown area so they can be as prepared as possible when they enter elementary school.

In addition to acquiring the JFC, we have hosted over 300 people this year on mission trips to the Delta. These teams have stayed at our new 6,000 sq. foot Hope Center in Jonestown and they have invested much in that community. Also, with the opening of the legal clinic, the removal of abandoned houses, and the new Master Plan for housing and revitalization, we believe Jonestown is headed in the right direction.

We recently celebrated Grandparents Day at
our school in the Miss. Delta

Lots of fun was had at Grandparents Day!

Wisdom of the elders

Truck in Haiti

We have one pick-up truck at our Hope Center in Galette Chambon, Haiti. It is 4 years old and has served us extremely well. It continues to do so. However, our ministry has grown remarkably over the last 4 years. We now have over 400 people visit us in Galette Chambon each year on mission trips, plus a large medical clinic, a Job Training Center, a church, and an orphanage. In addition, we sponsor almost 500 children in three local schools. As you can imagine, with all of this going on there is a constant need for transportation. Moreover, when the current truck is taken to Port-au-Prince to get supplies (which can be an all-day affair), those who remain at the Hope Center are left without transportation. That’s not good.

We can purchase a new pick-up truck from a dealership in Port-au-Prince. It’s important to be able to purchase from a dealership so we can service the truck properly and get authentic replacement parts.

Our missionaries, Tony and Mickie West, have been waiting patiently now for a couple of years. I am thrilled that we will be able to provide this very important tool for them.

Our missionary, Tony West, tying up the bumper of the truck, preparing to take home a young mother who has just given birth at our Hope Center.

General Fund

As a result of the protests in Haiti in July, we had 6 trips that were cancelled. Several of those trips consisted of large teams. As a result, we lost a significant amount of revenue.

As I have stated previously, as long as But God Ministries remains healthy, more people will be saved and discipled, more patients will be treated, more clean water will be provided, more children will be educated, more houses will be built, more jobs will be created, and more food will be made available to those who are hungry. We are a financially healthy organization and we want to stay that way so that we can minister as effectively as possible.


Our goal is to raise $300,000:

$100,000 for the Malnutrition Center
$110,000 for the school in the Miss. Delta and other Delta needs
$40,000 for a pick-up truck in Haiti
$50,000 for our general fund

As I stated earlier, three generous donors have already committed $100,000. Would you help us double their gifts and reach the goal of $300,000?

How Can You Give?

1. You can mail a check to:

But God Ministries
404 Fontaine Place
Suite 104
Ridgeland, MS 39157

2. You can give online HERE.


Thank you for your support over the years. Thank you for praying for our work in Haiti, our work in the Mississippi Delta, and for considering a gift as we move forward.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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