Many people are aware of the protests taking place in Haiti over the decision to raise fuel prices. Yesterday afternoon the President of Haiti rescinded the order to raise the fuel prices and we are hoping that decision will bring a bit of relief to the country.

The two villages where we work and where our missionaries live are located in rural areas. Normally, the rural areas do not experience the protests. So far, that is the case this time as well. The biggest problem we usually have when there are protests in Port-au-Prince is the inability to get to Port-au-Prince to purchase supplies. The other problem is the difficulty in getting to the airport because the protesters block the streets with large rocks or tires.

During the 7 years we have been working in Haiti, there have been countless protests. Usually, the protests take place in downtown Port-au-Prince far away from our work and last only a day or two. The protests usually do not effect us at all. This time, the protests seem to be more intense and more broad.

All of our missionaries and interns are safe and sound at our rural Hope Centers. We have two teams that are currently staying at hotels near the airport and waiting for flights to resume. They are scheduled to leave on Tuesday.

We are monitoring the situation closely with our Haitian employees and friends in Port-au-Prince. Regarding upcoming trips, our first priority is always the safety of our teams. The biggest, and really only, challenge is the drive from the airport to the countryside. Once we get out of the city there are normally no political problems.

Please pray for the country, our two teams waiting at the hotels, our missionaries, and our Haitian employees. Pray for peace and calm. Pray for wisdom for those making decisions.

Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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