Several weeks ago we launched a campaign to raise $200,000 for our Malnutrition Center in Haiti and the Jonestown Family Center in the Mississippi Delta. I shard that almost $100,000 was given by three generous donors and we were hoping to raise an additional $100,000 to reach our goal.

I am pleased to report we have already received an additional $71,966. We are only $28,004 from reaching our goal. If you have not yet given, would you consider a gift to help us reach our goal so that starving children in Haiti can be nursed back to good health and boys and girls in the Mississippi Delta can get a great start on a quality education?

How can you give?

*    You can mail a check to: But God Ministries, 400 Fontaine Place, Suite 103, Ridgeland, MS, 39157. Be sure and write “Malnutrition Center/JFC” in the memo line.

*    You can give online HERE. Give to the “General Budget” and then below that in the “Other Comments” line be sure and type “Malnutrition Center/JFC”.

Rachel Charpie, Director of our Malnutrition Center, hanging out with some of our little patients

This is sweet little Holanda. Left: the day she was admitted at 4.4 lbs; Middle: the day she was discharged at 10 lbs; Right: two days ago at almost 13 lbs. Praise God!

This is Fanise. She came in malnourished and swollen at 16.5 lbs. She lost her swelling and weighed 14.5 lbs. She went home recently at a healthy 18.5 lbs.

Fanise had been admitted along with her sister, Fadeline. They have both been loved and nursed back to good health. Here, their parents are thrilled with their progress as they take them home. Rachel and Katie, our Director of Nursing, are doing a super job!


Job Openings with BGM

We have two job openings with But God Ministries. One of the positions is in Haiti and the other is in the Mississippi Delta.


First, we are in the process of identifying a married couple or a single male who is interested in serving as a missionary in Thoman. Due to the remote nature of Thoman, the missionaries will spend approximately six months in Haiti and six months in the USA. The schedule for the missionaries will be as follows:

February 15-March 31 -Thoman, Haiti
April – USA
May-August 15 – Thoman, Haiti
August 15-October 15 – USA
October 15-November 15 – Thoman, Haiti
November 15-February 15 – USA

While in the USA, the missionaries will be speaking to churches and other groups, coordinating mission trips with team leaders, preparing for upcoming trips, and working closely with our home office, among other things.

Mississippi Delta

The second position with BGM is for a Team Coordinator in Jonestown, Mississippi. The Team Coordinator will work with, and under the supervision of, the BGM Community Manager.

The Team Coordinator will be a Christian.

The Team Coordinator will be male.

The Team Coordinator will:

* Host all BGM mission teams in Jonestown (During the summer months, teams will stay from Saturday to Friday. During other months, teams will stay either Monday-Friday, or Friday-Sunday.)

* Greet each team as it arrives

* Ensure that the custodian for the Hope Center, where the teams will stay, has cleaned and prepared the Hope Center for the next team

* Coordinate the activities of the team for the week (construction, education, Bible studies, medical/dental, working with children, etc.)

* Ensure that local people who will be involved in the team activities are prepared and ready to work with the team

* Ensure that all materials needed by the team to conduct its activities have been procured and are on-site

* Be handy in terms of repair and light construction

There will also be other duties as assigned. We are looking for a hard worker, a team player, and someone who has a heart for this type of Christian mission work. There will be long hours but very rewarding hours as we see a community transformed.

If you or someone you know is interested in either of these positions, please email me at

Reserve a Date

We now have the calendar on our website for mission trips to Jonestown, MS for 2018. The sign-up process will be much like the process for a trip to Haiti. Click HERE to see available dates for a trip. Click HERE to start the process and/or call our Mission Trip Coordinator, Beth Rigney, at 601-983-1179.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,
Stan Buckley
Executive Director

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