Last month I shared about the groundbreaking ceremony for our new Hope Center in Jonestown, MS. We’ve had a lot of rain and other challenges since then but we are now moving forward at a great pace. Randy Cress, a recently retired contractor, is volunteering as our general contractor. We could not do this without Randy!

We had the dirt work completed a couple of weeks ago. A special thanks to Dwayne Ballard for all his help!

Mike and Jann Kenney are once again doing the plumbing work at one of our Hope Centers. They’ve done the plumbing at both of our Hope Centers in Haiti and now they are doing it in the Mississippi Delta. We love Mike and Jann! And we love Jann’s straw hat!!!

Patton Ford has also helped a lot with our plumbing in Haiti. He’s joining Mike and Jann on this latest project. Way to go, Patton!

Great progress!

Economic Development in the Delta

Jobs. Economic development. Positive change. We are seeing all of these take place in Evelyn’s store in Jonestown, MS. A group of ladies from Oxford have partnered with Evelyn to give here convenience store/restaurant a makeover. This Thursday, we’ll be celebrating with a grand re-opening!

Amy Dear (right) gave leadership to this project. Jo-Shannon Hartnett (left) was a big help, too.

Twenty-two volunteers descended on Evelyn’s store for the makeover.

Evelyn (red shirt) with some of the young people who helped with the store updates.

Even the floors were painted.

Great job painting the floors!

Lance Reed, owner of the Chick-fil-A in Oxford, donated some of his tables and chairs for the restaurant section of Evelyn’s store.

Lance also donated some booths.

Great things happening in Haiti

We’ve had some incredible teams in Haiti the past four weeks. God continues to send His people to share His love and to proclaim His gospel to those who desperately need to experience it.

This Kashme. He is 4 years old and weighs only 16 pounds. A four year old should weigh about 40 pounds. He was admitted to our In-Patient Malnutrition Center last Thursday. He looks so sad and so scared.

This is Kashme last Friday, the day after he had been admitted to our Malnutrition Center. It’s amazing how things can change so quickly for a child when he is surrounded by love and proper nutrition. Thank you, Rachel Charpie, for your love for God and the children of Haiti.

The Haitian gentleman in the center worked very hard on his new house last week in Thoman. But not only did he get a new house, he also got a new heart as Kent Banks (right) shared the Good News of the gospel and he placed his faith in Christ.

The new house completed! We love the new design for our houses in Thoman. This design will also be used in Galette Chambon.

This was one of 3 houses painted last week in Thoman. The husband worked very hard painting his house while his wife looked after their eight children.

This is where the family with eight children was living before we built them a new house last year. Total poverty. But now they are safe every night and not exposed to the rain and other elements. And their house is painted too. Praise God!

The team last week from Pametto Baptist Church in Palmetto, Georgia made three beds and we carried them, along with a brand new mattress, to three families in Thoman. This is a really bid deal. Imagine having no bed to sleep on and, instead, sleeping on old rags. But not anymore for these families!

We have two veterinarians in Galette Chambon this week. Dr. Tom Watts and Dr. David Watson treated 75 cows on Monday as well as other assorted animals. Also, Dr. Jennifer Russ is there this week treating our human patients. She is a wonderful pediatrician from Natchez, MS who has been to Haiti with us numerous times.

Last week we had 400 children in VBS at Galette Chambon! We fed them a meal each day and we fed them the love of God. Over 40 children wanted to place their faith in Christ!

Three weeks ago we had an amazing medical team from Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS. Every year, Dr. Mike McMullan and his wife, Missy, lead a large team of medical professionals to Galette Chambon. They treat hundreds of patients, including at the remote location pictured above. We love this team!

It’s a beautiful thing when team members come back each year and get to see the Haitians they have developed relationships with. What an incredible photo, Logan Barlow!


As you can see, God is using But God Ministries in marvelous ways. Also, as you are aware, it takes a great deal of resources to do what God has called us to do. Would you please consider financially supporting BGM and our work in Haiti? Your gift will go a long way in helping us share the love of Christ in very tangible ways in that poverty-stricken nation.
You can give online HERE or send a check to: But God Ministries, 400 Fontaine Place, Suite 103, Ridgeland, MS, 39157.
In addition, I ask for your prayers for wisdom and energy for our Haitian staff, our American staff in Haiti, our staff in the States, and our Board of Directors.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,


Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries

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