September 29, 2014

I returned from Haiti last Thursday! We did something we had never done before. We hosted a three-day, two-night staff retreat for all of our Haitian and American staff along with their spouses. We held the retreat at the beautiful Kalico Bay. Many of the staff had never been to a place like Kalico Bay. The purpose was to (1) thank them for all their hard work, (2) look back at how far God has brought us in three short years, and (3) plan for the future.

Most of the team that attended the retreat. What a great group!

Worship and planning session

Eating lunch. Rusty and Michelle Hall in the foreground. Rusty begins working full-time with BGM in January as our Director of Operations.

Beautiful view of the beach and sea from inside the dining area

One lonely boat traveling across the sea as the clouds gathered.

New Hope Center in Thoman
Last Wednesday, Rusty and I traveled to Thoman to check on the progress of the new Hope Center. We were thrilled with what we saw! Our Haitian contractor, Jacques, is doing an incredible job. He should be through with most of the structure (excluding plumbing and electrical and other such items) in a few short weeks.

Our new missionary couple from NW Arkansas, Terry and Kathy Warren, are moving to Haiti on November 1 to run the new Hope Center.

There are 4 levels at the new Hope Center. Level 1 – missionary house and dorms. Level 2 – dorms and apt. for interns or month-long missionaries. Level 3 – kitchen, laundry, dining. Level 4 – medical clinic, dental clinic, parking.

Side view. Level 1 on the right.

View from directly above the Hope Center

View from far above the Hope Center. The person in the red shirt is Jacques, our Haitian contractor.

Large, open, area that will be covered. Place for teams to eat and gather and discuss the day’s activities. Door in the background is to the kitchen.

View from the kitchen door of the team meeting area. So glad we could save the tree in the background.

Dorms on the left and right in the foreground. Missionary house to the left in the background. Apartment for long-term visitors on the right in the background.

Front of the clinic. That’s me in the green shirt. To my right is the door to the medical clinic. To my left is the door to the dental clinic.

Pastor Mathurin on the left, Jacques to the right, me in the middle. We are standing in the waiting area in front of the clinics.

Standing next to the well that was dug in Thoman. Praise God!

Going Fast
If you or your church are interested in a trip with us next year, please don’t wait too long to register. Already, we have 33 trips booked for next year. You can click HERE and choose a date.

It’s no secret that it requires a tremendous amount of resources to do all the ministry that is taking place through But God Ministries. If you want to use your resources to make a long-term difference in the Kingdom of God, we welcome your gift. You can give online HERE or send a check to: But God Ministries, 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39202.

In addition, I ask for your prayers for wisdom and energy for our Haitian staff, our American staff in Haiti, and our Board of Directors.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries


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