March 29, 2014

So much to share, so little space! God’s blessings on our work in Haiti are overflowing. As we continue to partner with Haitians in spiritual growth, medical-dental care, clean water, education, housing, jobs, and food production, we are overwhelmed at God’s grace and provisions. Below are just a few of the amazing things happening through BGM in Haiti.

Hands and Feet
We have had two medical-dental trips recently. Last month we hosted 2 pediatric dentists, 1 oral surgeon, 8 4th-year dental students, 1 thoracic surgeon, and 1 OB-GYN. All were from Jackson, Miss. This month we had a nurse practioner from the Miss. Gulf Coast who teaches Nurse Practitioner students at Southern Miss. Hundreds upon hundreds of patients were seen and the gospel was shared repeatedly.

Pediatric dentist, Susan Ruth Fortenberry, treating a young patient.

Oral surgeon, Mike Nichols, sewing up a child from the orphanage who had fallen on some rocks. Dental student Martha Mangum and young helper Jordan Headley assisting.

Nurse practitioner, Michele Harris, treating a wound that has been festering for 9 years.

Little boy suffering terribly around his neck.

College Students on Spring Break
Many college students around the country spent spring break on the beach. But not all of them! There were 21 students who came with us to Haiti. They were from Mississippi State University, Mississippi College, University Medical Center, Holmes Community College, and Hinds Community College.

Nine fraternity brothers from Miss. State spent spring break building a house for a Haitian lady named Jislene and her family. Her mud hut is in the background on they day construction began.

Digging the footings

Preparing the foundation

Completing the slab

Laying block for the walls

Mostly completed, except for the roof, by week’s end

Teaching the Word
We always seek to share and teach God’s word while we minister in Haiti.

Ladies Bible study with accompanying craft

Vacation Bible School inside our church building

Widows and Orphans
We take very seriously God’s command to look after the widows and orphans. We now have 13 children living in our orphanage.

One of the little ones from the orphanage attending VBS and being held by MSU college student, Hunter Friday.

Grace Bigler and Mary Ann Cope of Jackson, Miss. working with the children inside the orphanage.

Brightly colored buildings inside the orphanage walls

To the Top
Several weeks ago we hiked 9 hours to find the source of water, a small spring, for the mountainous village of Thoman where we will be building the next Hope Center soon.

Charles, our agriculture missionary, and me as we begin our hike;

We ran across these little cuties as we ascended the mountain.

A small hut on the mountain;

The views got better and better as we climbed higher and higher.

A spectacular view from near the top.

Big, Big, News!
As we prepare to build a new Hope Center in Thoman, a wonderful couple has committed to join our team and move to Haiti full-time to run the new Hope Center. The wife has many years of medical experience and will operate the clinic daily and host medical-dental teams throughout the year. The husband will be in charge of operations at the new Hope Center, will host teams, organize construction of new houses, help create jobs, enhance educational opportunities for the children of the village, and much more.

Incredible poverty, experienced daily by this precious girl, is a way of life for thousands of people in Thoman.

Pastor Mathurin and me standing on his new porch. Thanks to the generosity of some American Christians, Mathurin has a new home from which he will continue to minister in Thoman with But God Ministries.

Many Blessings, Many Opportunities
God continues to bless our work in countless way. But, as you can imagine, it takes tremendous resources to do the work that is being done. If you would like to join us in these efforts, you can send your check to But God Ministries at 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39202 or give online HERE.

Also, we are now in position to accept stock contributions if that is something in which you are interested. Please email me at and we will work out the details.

Thank you for your continued support and especially your prayers. Haiti presents countless obstacles but His power is enabling us to make a difference in the lives of hurting Haitians.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries

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