December 9, 2013

God has blessed our work in 2013 more than we could have ever imagined. Below are some of the highlights:

  •   -432 mission trip participants

  •   -16,000 patients seen at clinic since its inception

  •   -Haitian pastor hired

  •   -Church built

  •   -Playground completed

  •   -Agriculture missionary identified

  •   -Agriculture missionary house built

  •   -22 houses built, all 42 houses occupied

  •   -All 42 houses painted

  •   -Electricity to half of the houses

  •   -Children moved into orphanage

  •   -2 Pastors’ Conferences

  •   -VBS, Bible Studies, Worship Services

  •   -Baptisms

  •   -Over 200 children sponsored in local schools

  •   -Over 20 babies delivered

  •   -New dorm built

  •   -20 full-time Haitian employees

  •   -Dozens of part-time jobs

  •   -Main road widened and repaired

Looking Ahead to 2014
As good as 2013 was, we are even more excited about what God has in store for next year. Some of those plans for next year include:

  •   -New Hope Center in mountainous village of Thoman

  •   -7th-12th grade school at current Hope Center site

  •   -15 new houses in Gallette Chambon

  •   -600 mission trip participants (30 trips already booked)

  •   -Pastors’ Training Institute

  •   -Agriculture missionary and family move to Haiti Feb. 2014

  •   -Hire Haitian doctor

  •   -Develop plan to build rural hospital

  •   -Add 20 children to orphanage

New Housing
We have built 42 houses on our land near Gallette Chambon. 42 families, most of whom were living in tent cities, have moved into those houses and begun new lives with roofs over their heads, gardens, health care, dental care, educational opportunities for their children, jobs, clean water, a church, and so much more.

The next houses we construct will be built on land owned by residents in the nearby community of Gallette Chambon. Our teams will work alongside the families to build their new homes. They’ll get to know the families, work with them, pray with them, and have the joy of seeing a desperately poor family receive their new home.

The first of these houses will be built next week, December 14-21, 2013, by a group of college students from Huntsville, Alabama.

Poverty-stricken couple living in a mud hut who will receive a new house next week. His name is Jeantine Dor and her name is Charite Damostene.

Big, Fun Day!
December 7, 2013 was a big day in our community. We had a wedding celebration for St. Vierge and her fiance Wil Saint. St. Vierge works for us full-time and does a great job preparing meals for our teams. Wil Saint has played a huge role in identifying families to move into our community from a tent city. They were married at our church and then a reception followed in The Hope Center.

Wedding ceremony at the church

Reception at the Hope Center

New Hope Center
We are very excited about the new Hope Center that will be built in the rural village of Thoman in 2014. Approximately 6,000 people live in or near this mountainous village that has no electricity, no running water, and not much else.

The new Hope Center will have a medical clinic, dental clinic, housing for an American medical missionary family, dorm space for visiting mission teams (beds for 28), kitchen, laundry facilities, two rooms for visitors staying several weeks or longer, and eating/meeting space for teams.

The new Hope Center, in addition to the medical/dental services, will allow us to help provide new housing, jobs, increased educational opportunities for the children, clean water, enhanced agriculture production, and, of course, the Good News of the gospel. Below are renderings of the new Hope Center created by students and professors from the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction.

Aerial view of Hope Center

Front view of missionary house (r) and dorms (l)

Inside dental clinic


Living quarters of missionary house

Inside dorm

End of the Year
We stand amazed at the progress that has been made in two and a half years. God has brought us further than we ever imagined in such a short time.

Please continue to pray for our work. Your prayer support is very important to us because of the endless challenges of working in a country like Haiti.

Also, please know that it takes many resources to do the work we are doing. If you would like to participate in our work and you are looking for a place to make your end-of-the-year gift, you can send your check to But God Ministries at 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39202 or give online HERE.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries

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