June 24, 2013

There are so many incredible things happening with But God Ministries it’s hard to decide what to share and what to leave out. God is blessing beyond anything we thought possible. His Word and His love are being shared. Lives are being changed now and forever. Below is a glimpse of some of the things taking place.

Last week we built a new baptistery for our church. Yesterday, we held the first baptism services. Three different churches were represented. They sang “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” in Creole as the first baptism took place.

Construction of the baptistery last week;

The finished work

Bicley was the first person to be baptized yesterday

Let the Little Children ComeZ
We are thrilled with the new playground that was completed two weeks ago. The children love it! The parents say the kids won’t come home for dinner! Just another way for us to build credibility in the community and to let the children and the parents know we love them and that God loves them too.

Swings and slides and swinging bridges and climbing walls

Having fun the first day the playground opened

Building and Painting
Except for a few details, we have completed construction of the original 40 houses that were planned. Now we have begun painting the houses. We believe the painting of the houses in bright Caribbean colors will make a huge difference in the appearance of our sustainable community. Instead of a drab gray everywhere you look, there will now be happy colors that better reflect the work that is taking place.

Working on house #39 last week

81 year old Marta’s house was painted bright Salmon

Moving In!
The level of poverty in Haiti is often overwhelming. Last week we moved two families into new houses. They were living in deplorable conditions. But not anymore! Now they have a new house along with access to a clean water well, medical/dental care, a new church, playground for the children, scholarships for their children to attend school, English classes, regular VBS activities, literacy classes in Creole, soon-to-have electricity, and so much more. Their lives are forever changed. Praise God!

Tarp for a roof, thatch for walls, and a dirt floor where they were sleeping

Delivering the key to their new home

A mud hut with dirt floors

Presenting father and daughter with the key to their new home

Starving Children
Hunger is a large problem in Haiti. Two weeks ago a little 14 month old boy was brought to our clinic. He could not hold his eyes open. His grandmother said they had eaten a little corn the night before. She could not recall the last time they had eaten before that. He was starving. Our visiting nurses from Georgia gave him a bottle and he began to perk up. Then, we got a month’s supply of rice and beans and oil along with two large containers of powdered formula and went directly to the family’s house. We now know where they live and can monitor the boy’s progress. I am so glad our clinic is there and thousands of people are being helped.

Thin, starving, little boy doing much better today;

Update on New Agricultural Missionary House
Thank you for responding to our request for funds to build a new missionary house for an agricultural missionary and his family. The funds have been raised and construction is almost complete.

Under Construction

New bathroom in new house

Agricultural Missionary Houses attached to Hope Center

Sharing the Good News of the Gospel
We continue to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways. Working with children continues to be one of the key ways we share His love.

VBS in the mountains

VBS in nearby village

Much to Do
As you can tell, God is truly blessing our work in Haiti. So many of you are playing a vital part in this work and we are so grateful.

As you can imagine, it takes great resources to accomplish all that is being done. If you want to join us in this work as we continue to make very real and tangible differences in the lives of hurting Haitians, you may click here and give a one-time contribution or you can sign up to give automatically each month. You can also mail your gift to: But God Ministries, 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS, 39202.

Can’t Wait To See What God Does Next,

Stan Buckley
Executive Director
But God Ministries

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