Forms Required by But God Ministries

Submit online:

  1. MS Delta Team Initial Planning Form (Team Leader submits when trip is scheduled and mails $500 deposit to secure the week.)
  2. MS Delta Team Planning Update Form (submitted by Team Leader)
  3. MS Delta Participant Information and Release Form (submitted by ALL participants)

The MS Delta Participant Form (#3 above) will ask each medical professional to provide the following documents:

    • Copy of diploma from school (medical, dental, nursing or pharmacy school)
    • Copy of annual license

Contact Beth Rigney at with questions.

Deadline for documents is 30 days prior to trip date.

Once submitted, the forms will be filed in an online folder shared with the team leader.  It is the team leader’s responsibility to see that all forms have been submitted by all team participants.  All forms and fees are due 30 days before departure. This is crucial to planning with efficiency for meeting all of your team’s needs for the trip.

  • Jonestown Orientation Document (for ALL participants)
  • Packing List/Travel Information (for ALL participants)
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