Children growing up in The Children of Christ Home, Galette Chambon, Haiti.

Two churches in Pensacola, Florida, (First Baptist and Hillcrest) partnered with But God Ministries to build an orphanage in Galette Chambon. This orphanage, The Children of Christ Home, is currently raising 15 children.  There is space for 17 more. The annual cost to feed, educate, and provide care for a child in the orphanage is approximately $4,200 a year.  The goal is to rear these children as if they are our own and provide them an education that allows them to be the future Christian leaders of Haiti.  If you are interested in assisting with the cost to run the orphanage, please click on the link below.  Our children in Haiti are happy and healthy and we can not rear them without your support.

Please keep in mind when determining your donation amount that there is a processing fee of approximately $2.00 for giving online through Simple Give.

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The Children of Christ Home

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