Pen Lavi

The Bread of Life (Pen Lavi) Malnutrition Center is located in Ganthier, Haiti, about 18¬†miles east of Port au Prince, about a 15 minute drive from the Galette Chambon Hope Center. Children with severe acute malnutrition reach a point that they need very specialized daily care to get better. Before Pen Lavi opened, malnourished patients were sent 2 hours away to an unfamiliar place. Parents had difficulty visiting and could not receive needed nutrition education and counselling. Pen Lavi, and it’s staff of 13 Haitians plus 2 American missionaries help these children heal physically and educate and encourage parents, while sharing the love of Jesus. Visiting mission teams can also assist by caring for the children, teaching nutrition classes, conducting Bible studies, and helping in other needed ways.
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