How to Help


We believe prayer will be the key to any success But God Ministries experiences. Robert J. Morgan, friend and author, recently shared the following concerning prayer:

Dr. Samuel D. Gordon wrote: ‘You can do more through your praying than through your personality.’ Most of us try to do things through the force of our personalities. We persuade. We cajole. We maneuver. We push. We sweet-talk. We urge. We hint. We arm-twist. But we forget that we can do much more through prayer than through personality.'


May we rely far more on pray and the power of the Living God that simply the force of our personalities. We are engaged in a great battle, a spiritual battle, for the bodies and souls of men and women and boys and girls. May we fight this battle with prayer, the Word of God, righteous lives, the Truth of the gospel, and faith in Almighty God.

We would love to have your prayers for this ministry as we continue to exist for the glory of God and the benefit of others. Please pray for:

  1. Executive Director Stan Buckley as he gives leadership to But God Ministries
  2. The 8 member Board of Directors
  3. Construction of the church/school, 40 houses, guest house, job training center
  4. Mission teams traveling to Haiti
  5. The orphanage



We would love for you or your church to travel to Haiti and engage in hands-on work as we literally build a sustainable community from the ground up. You can travel with a group from your church or join one of the other groups that is already going. You can help in a variety of ways: medical, dental, construction, VBS, Bible studies, English, or working with children in the orphanage and in our community. There is something for everyone. Send an email to for more information or contact our office at 601-983-1179.


Building a sustainable community from scratch takes significant resources. God has blessed us with resources to begin this ministry. However, there are costs associated with beginning a new organization and continuing this work that God has called us to do.

If you feel inclined to support the building of sustainable communities that make a real difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in all the world, we would greatly appreciate your financial support. You may want to give:

  • * One-time gift
  • * Monthly support
  • * In memory of, or in honor of, someone special in your life

As you give, you will receive updates from us via email, traditional mail, and through this website so that you will know exactly how your gifts are being used.

You can give online or mail your contribution to:

But God Ministries
1440 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39202