Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for each team member?
The cost per team member to But God Ministries is $100 per night. This does not include airfare which is paid directly to the airline by each team. The $100 per night covers the cost of ground transportation, lodging at The Hope Center, electricity for the week, two meals per day (lunch and dinner), translators, accident insurance (including emergency medical evacuation insurance) and other expenses. Breakfast is not provided and team members are encouraged to bring breakfast bars, Pop-Tarts, or something similar. In addition, team members may want to bring money to purchase soft drinks from a lady who sets up a small store outside the gate of our facility ($1 per soft drink).

What kind of work is done on the mission trips?

Depending on the team, there could be construction work, medical work, dental work, agriculture work, work with the children in the orphanage, evangelism, Vacation Bible School activities for children, sports activities such as soccer and basketball, and other work. There is a place for everyone regardless of his/her skills.

Who can go on a team?
We ask that you be a professing Christian actively involved in a local, Christian church. We reserve the right to decline an application for team membership or deny participation of a team member on the mission field for any reason, including, but not limited to, theological differences or personal behavior deemed incompatible with our ministry.

How long does a team stay in Haiti?
Teams must schedule arriving on Saturday and leaving not later than Friday. For other arrangements, please call But God Ministries at 601-983-1179.

What documents will I need to travel on the team?
You will need a valid U.S. passport. Currently, U.S. citizens are not required to have a visa before traveling to Haiti.

What language do they speak in Haiti?
They speak Haitian Creole. We will provide your team with translators.

What type clothing should I bring?
Construction work: Long pants and long sleeves will protect from the sun and the environment, though some prefer to work in shorts and t-shirt. Bring a hat with a wide brim or a protective flap for your ears and neck.

  • Other work: Combine comfort and modesty! Shorts should be modest, as close to the knee as possible.
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes are appropriate. Consider bringing flip flops for the shower. Work boots will protect against thorns and other work-related hazards.
  • Church: Women – some sort of skirt; Men – long pants and golf shirt

Do medical and dental professionals have to provide additional documents in order to practice?

Yes. Each doctor, dentist, nurse, veterinarian, and pharmacist must provide the following documents to his/her team captain:

  1) Copy of your diploma from your school (medical, dental, nursing or pharmacy school)

2) Copy of your annual license

Can medical, dental, nursing, or pharmacy students see and/or treat patients?

No. Only those professionals with diplomas and current licensure are allowed to treat patients. However, in many cases, students may work side-by-side with a professional assisting as needed with basic health care.

Do I need vaccinations to go on a team?

None are required, but some are strongly recommended including:

  • DPT - Tetanus/diptheria update (if over 5 years rather than the usual 10 due to the exposure risk)
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid (oral or injection)
  • Oral malaria prophylaxis – malarone is one that is highly recommended as it causes the least sun sensitivity that your tetanus vaccination be current.

The health department is the most cost efficient provider. Also, please check with your primary care physician about any additional vaccinations you may need before traveling.

What airlines do teams travel with?

Currently, our teams use American Airlines and Delta, though Delta only flies in and out of  Haiti via Atlanta on Saturdays.

If I get sick on the field, are there medical facilities there to treat me?

If you get sick and your team physicians are not able to treat you adequately, there are hospitals in Haiti that offer a limited level of medical care. Thus far, no team member has had to go to one of these facilities. In extreme medical emergencies you may be evacuated by a private medical jet to the nearest care facility in the United States. The cost of this medical evacuation insurance is covered by your team fee. Anyone that has a delicate medical condition that requires special treatment and/or on-going care should not travel with a team. Pregnant women are discouraged from joining a team as well.

Should I bring extra money on the trip?

Bring only the money that you think you will need for souvenirs, soft drinks, church offerings, meals in the airport while traveling, and other incidentals. It is best to bring smaller bills, e.g. 1s, 5s, and 10s.

What kind of jewelry can I take on the trip?

A good rule of thumb: don't take anything that you would hate to lose or that is flashy.

Will I be able to call home from the mission field?

Yes. There is excellent coverage for AT&T users at The Hope Center where teams stay. However, you are strongly encouraged to check your carrier’s international calling/texting/data plan before leaving the United States. A good rule of thumb is to tell your family and friends that "no news is good news."

Is wi-fi available to team members at the Hope Center?

No. You will likely be able to have internet service through your cell phone. However, international internet service is normally very expensive. You are strongly encouraged to check your carrier's international data plan before leaving the United States. If there is an emergeny need for internet service, please discuss the matter with our Director of Medical Services, Tony West.

What should I take with me on the trip?
See Packing List under Missions Trips on this website.